Scottsboro Church of the Nazarene
You are the
light of the
Scottsboro Church of the Nazarene
takes seriously the call that Jesus
gave for us to be the light in a
darkened world.  While Jesus is the
only true source of light, we desire
that his light should shine through
us to light the way to him.  Our
goal is not to bring glory or praise
to ourselves, but to help others find

If you want to know more about
Jesus and how to experience
salvation follow this

If you would like for someone to
pray with you, please call us at the
number listed on our
Contacts Page
or click
here to email us.
Upcoming Events

May 10 - Mothers Day

May 16 - Church workday

May 17 - Church board meeting

Monthly calendar coming soon!

For further information about any of these events,
please email us by clicking